Past Events

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Munich Book Launch „Four Walls and a Roof“, Reinier de Graaf, OMA
• Thursday, 8.3.2018, 6.30 pm
• Alte Akademie

• Friday, 9.3.2018, 2–8 pm
• Künstlerhaus

Business Brunch young architects & real estate
• Friday, 9.3.2018, 10–12 noon
• Hearthouse

with: Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg, HafenCity Hamburg GmbH, Reinier de Graaf, OMA, Chris Dercon, Volksbühne Berlin, Kurt Faltlhauser, Ulrich Höller, German Estate Group AG, Andrej Holm, HU, Berlin, Carsten Loll, Linklaters, Elisabeth Merk, LH München, Julian Nida-Rümelin, LMU, Saskia van Stein, Bureau Europa, Christiane Thalgott, Erion Veliaj, Tirana + Super-Jury

Money Talks: In 2018 we turn our attention to the economic foundations of architecture and the city. What does building in the city mean with the increasing internationalisation of the real estate sector? Where are we building, and for whom? How much can an investor “afford” to consider a building’s future users? To what extent should an investment reflect its location? What can and should both sides contribute to the common good? Featuring trips to Tirana in Albania and the Volksbühne in Berlin.