Architecture Matters is an international conference on the future of architecture and the city.

Architecture Matters is rooted in the conviction that addressing the present challenges facing our cities and architecture requires a collaborative effort – fuelled by genuine interest in each other, mutual respect, and curiosity. We unite key players in architecture, project development, financing, politics, and administration, cultivating an environment that embraces contradictions. Trusting in our shared commitment to lively exchange and dynamic dialogue, we craft creative spaces for meaningful encounters.

We nurture in-depth discussions on current topics, aiming to grasp their complexity and essence. Our discipline empowers us to boldly push beyond our comfort zone and familiar terrain – harnessing both classic and unconventional formats. Every conference delivers a unique experience.

We are passionate about fostering innovative ideas. Architecture Matters serves as a hub for inspiration and sustainable entrepreneurship – not an insular academic enclave or marketplace for quick deals. We are a community driven by common values, perpetually evolving, and endlessly curious.

Architecture Matters was launched by Nadin Heinich in 2016. The eighth edition will take place 15–16 May 2024 at the House of Communication, Munich.


Architecture Matters is a project by plan A.

plan A
consultancy & business networks | cities and the future
c/o Combinat 56
Adams-Lehmann-Str. 56
80797 Munich, Germany


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idea and head of project: Nadin Heinich
event management: Katrin Kösters
digital communications: Alexandra Forciniti
press & communications: Caroline Jonietz
graphics: Noëm Held
translation: Alisa Kotmair
programming: Frontend GmbH

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