ARCHITECTURE MATTERS is an international conference on the future of architecture and cities. A provocative platform for the curious and the courageous – exploring urban utopias and entrepreneurial visons.

ARCHITECTURE MATTERS brings together relevant stakeholders – from architecture, real estate, industry, politics and society – to address fundamental issues of our time: digitalisation, economic conditions affecting architecture and cities, Europe and the dialogue between East and West.

With lectures, discussion panels, music, workshops, dinner performances and surprising extras. Held once a year. In Munich.


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Architecture Matters is a project by plan A.

plan A
office for architectural communication and urban culture
c/o Combinat 56
Adams-Lehmann-Str. 56
80797 Munich, Germany

idea and head of project: Nadin Heinich
event management and VIP relations: Katrin Kösters, Maria Sippel
head of location: Kirsten Wengmann
project assistant: Justine Thomas
graphics:, Marine Drouan
translation: Alisa Kotmair
programming: Frontend GmbH